Four-sided sealing


Sterilisation Pouches




Packing in sachets sealed on all sides… or other filling-processes with laminar airflow and end filters of class 100 (ISO 5).We pack with four-sided sealing, also called “sachets,” in both 60x90mm format and 90x90mm (other formats available upon request), solid materials, free-flowing powder or granules, liquids or semi-liquids (creams).

  Packing in Sterilisation Pouches in a class 10.000 (ISO7) environment. Validated processes and strict process monitoring assure the highest exclusion of contamination in processed products. Hose assemblies/connectors/ …


Preparation in a class 10.000 (ISO 7) environment. Cleaning, degreasing, and disinfecting products affected by particles and preparing them for sterilisation. Our pressurised air is kept germ-free by filtering. An extraction unit moves contaminated air outdoors.


Quality Control






Quality Control/Inspection in a class  10.000 (ISO 7)
environment. Infusion plugs/caps/injection mouldings of all sorts. We check according to your strict criteria
and record what we have found in which batch and
where. Traceability is indispensable.

  Assembly in a class 10.000 (ISO 7) environment.
Observing GMP guidelines guarantees the disinfection of work surfaces at corresponding the request of grade C. Electronics for OP/electrical OP instruments… Every manual assembly possible for synthetics or other materials which   require a special level of purity.

  The inkjet method is used for marking and coding your products with identnumber, date of expiration, logo... 


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