The not-for-profit workshop for disabled persons “Work-Life-Happiness” was founded in 1972, and began working commercially with 6 workers in 1974.

The first clients consisted of a firm from Aachen and firms from the immediate area for which packaging work was done. Over the course of time, the business specialized in sorting and controlling needles, creating a solid foundation for the future. (By 1980, 14 production workers were employed.)

From the mid-1980s, the packaging sector developed substantially and investment was made in semi-automatic machines for shrink wrapping. This enabled large-volume and collation wrapping. Small orders were added to the assembly line with greater frequency requiring the employment of more personnel. By 1990, there were 28 workers.

In the early 1990s, blister packaging was added – a high-frequency method of shrink-wrapping using transparent thermo-forming moulds. (The workforce had grown to 32). 
Thanks to an inclusive policy for people with disabilities, in recent years, jobs have also been found for some employees in third-party firms. 
The workforce grew to 58.

In 2001, the “Work-Life-Happiness” not-for-profit sheltered workshop was renamed “adapta”. This had the objective of modernizing the somewhat obsolete-sounding title in line with company policy.
Currently, there is increasing demand for quality packaging in the areas of medical products, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Strict quality control has led to our latest product, “packaging under clean room conditions”. 

The introduction and implementation of a quality management system in 2006 marked the beginning of future-orientated employment safeguarding for our firm.

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